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New Cray X1E Supercomputer at India's NCMRWF Will Be the Most Powerful Weather Prediction System in the Region

SEATTLE, WA, Mar 13, 2006 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX News Network) -- Global supercomputer leader Cray Inc. (NASDAQ: CRAY) today announced that India's National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF) will acquire a Cray X1E(TM) supercomputer that will rank as the subcontinent's largest and most powerful numerical weather prediction (NWP) system. NCMRWF, an agency within India's Department of Science and Technology located in Noida near New Delhi, recently ordered the system through Cray partner Hinditron Infosystems, part of Hinditron Group.

The new 64-processor supercomputer will enable NCMRWF to improve forecasting for the nation's agricultural sector and other communities of interest by running advanced applications that increase spatial resolution and forecast length. Scientists at NCMRWF and similar organizations worldwide make medium-range (three to 10 days) and longer-range forecasts by using detailed global numerical weather prediction models running on high-performance computing (HPC) platforms.

"We are looking forward to using our new Cray X1E system, as it may help us in enhancing accuracy, consistency and range of our medium-range global NWP guidance, as well as guidance for forecasting high-impact weather over the country and neighborhood," said Dr. A. K. Bohra, head of NCMRWF. "It is expected to help us improve our Agro-Advisory Services, in which accurate, reliable, location-specific predictions are crucial input. The new Cray system will allow us to move to a more advanced and comprehensive data assimilation system, facilitating enhanced use of information from satellites, radars and other non-conventional data sources."

"The new Cray X1E installation at NCMRWF continues a technological relationship that extends back to 1989," said Per Nyberg, Cray's Earth Sciences Segment director. "With its strong commitment to leading-edge technology and research, India represents a vibrant and growing market for Cray supercomputers. Throughout the world, Cray supercomputers are giving earth system scientists powerful tools for accomplishing breakthrough research and providing significant benefits to their communities."

"Hinditron Group is very pleased to be associated with Cray in delivering the new Cray X1E system in a timely manner, thus contributing to the important mission of providing NWP guidance to the Indian agricultural community and other users," said Hinditron Managing Director Saurabh Sonawala.

About the Cray X1E Supercomputer

The Cray X1E system delivers maximum performance for the world's most challenging computational problems by combining the processor performance of traditional vector systems with the scalability of microprocessor-based architectures. High performance interconnect and memory subsystems allow the Cray X1E system to scale from 16 to 8,192 processors, delivering up to 147 teraflops in a single system. The Cray X1E supercomputer and its predecessor, the Cray X1 supercomputer, are the first vector systems designed to scale to thousands of processors in a single system image. Go to for more information.

About the India National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting

A division of India's Department of Science and Technology, NCMRWF is India's premier institution for delivering medium-range weather forecasting, meteorological advisories and customized forecast products. NCMRWF serves Indian farmers through the Agro Advisory Services, and also serves various other sectors of economy, as the stakes for accurate weather forecast in an economy like India are very high. The organization also carries out research and development activities in various meteorological areas, including understanding of the monsoon in particular and tropical weather in general. Go to for more information.

About Hinditron Group

Located in Mumbai, Hinditron Group has established itself as one of the pioneering technology companies in India since its founding in 1966. Hinditron provides complete solutions to clients in a broad spectrum of enterprises in India and internationally. These solutions include information technology, instrumentation, telecommunication products, video and broadband, and software products and services. Hinditron has a strategic alliance with Cray Inc. and acts as that company's representative in India.

About Cray Inc.

As the global leader in HPC, Cray provides innovative supercomputing systems that enable scientists and engineers in government, industry and academia to meet both existing and future computational challenges. Building on years of experience in designing, developing, marketing and servicing the world's most advanced supercomputers, Cray offers a comprehensive portfolio of HPC systems that deliver unrivaled sustained performance on a wide range of applications. Go to for more information.

Safe Harbor Statement

This press release contains forward-looking statements. There are certain factors that could cause Cray's execution plans to differ materially from those anticipated by the statements above. These include the technical challenges of developing high-performance computing systems, the successful porting of application programs to Cray computer systems, reliance on third-party suppliers and the successful passing of acceptance tests. For a discussion of these and other risks, see "Factors That Could Affect Future Results" in Cray's most recent Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q filed with the SEC.

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